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About Ne Plus Ultra

Ne Plus Ultra is a motivated adult raiding team, full of very experianced, mature players who know their classes and functions in game very well. The parity of experience in our member base gives us a diverse and welcoming background. We are a group of experienced players with a love for accomplishing the toughest content possible. End-game content is our goal while having fun in the process.

This guild is based on an ambitious atmosphere where its members work together to create an enjoyable environment for us all to have fun. Ne Plus Ultra works together, for one and each other, and has no place for those who only think of themselves or their own personal agenda, those who are loot-mongers or otherwise engage in irrational or emotional behavior. We strive to reach the highest parts of the game in an honourable way.

We're always looking for talented players and will entertain applications from mature and social level 90 players who know and understand their class and role. If you don't play much, hate raiding, run your mouth tons, or just plain suck please don't bother checking out our website, but for anyone else interested we welcome you to scope it out, and/or look us up in-game.

We will be raiding all end game content on a long term basis with a strong emphasis on being the absolute best.

Raid Schedule:-

Monday 20.00-23.30
Wednesday 20.00-23.30
Thursday 20.00-23.30
Sunday 20.00-23.30

Note all times Server Time GMT +1 Hour

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